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Community Support Services

Benefits Assistance

Staff can assist individuals and their families in securing all government benefits that will help the individuals enhance his or her self-sufficiency.


What is Respite Care?

Respite Care is a support service provided to persons with developmental disabilities and their natural families, guardians, main caregivers or foster families. It is a program in which a trained respite provider cares for the individual to enable the family to have a break from caregiving duties. Respite care is provided in the family’s home and is available on a planned or emergency basis.


Families of persons with a developmental disability who live at home are eligible for Respite Services. The individual to receive services must have an intellectual or other developmental disability that requires significant levels of assistance to complete activities of daily living or other significant maladaptive behaviors. There is no age limitation on who can receive this service.

Free of Cost

Families may be eligible for up to 180 hours of Respite Care per year. The duration of each respite is based on individual’s needs (not to exceed 8 hours a day). These hours of respite are provided free of charge.


In-Home Supports

In-Home Supports are personalized services that assist individuals to live independently or stay living with their families. Support services are based on an assessment to determine the amount of hours and level of support each individual needs. Horizon House has been in business as a provider of services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities for over 45 years. Amongst an array of services, Horizon House offers Community Direct Support Professionals (CDSPs). CDSP’s and Personal Support Workers provide services through the In-Home Support Department in community settings. These staff are recruited, trained, and carefully matched based on each individual’s needs.

All of our Community Direct Support Professionals are employees of the agency and have:

· Completed background checks as required by the Department of Human Services: Education Verification, Illinois Sex Offender Registry, Illinois Department of Public Health/Healthcare Worker Registry, Office of Inspector General, DCFS, Motor Vehicle Report

· Completed the state of Illinois approved Direct Support Professional (DSP) training program

· Payroll taxes and benefits covered by Horizon House

Horizon House provides professional supervision and management, agency employment, tax law management, and prompt placement and replacement of workers.

At this time, we serve individuals through Intermittent Community Integrated Living Arrangements (ICILA), Home-Based Support Services (HBSS) and Private Pay arrangements. The CDSP’s can provide assistance with home management, personal care, community access, or other supports to maintain independent living.

Personal Support Worker Program

Having trouble finding PSW’s?

Let Horizon House recruit PSW’s and you decide which one is right for you. Horizon House has been in business as a provider of services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities for almost 50 years. As part of our array of services, we offer Personal Support Workers. A Personal Support Worker can provide assistance with home management, personal care, community access, and participation, or other supports you may need or want to remain in your home. PSW’s are available to adults with developmental disabilities who reside in La Salle or Bureau County.

Horizon House can provide you with a highly qualified Personal Support Worker.

· PSW’s receive State of Illinois approved Horizon House Direct Support Professional Training:

- 40 hours classroom training

- 120 hours on the job training

- First Aid/CPR Certification

· Additional training programs and retraining offered/provided

· All training programs integrate a person centered philosophy that emphasizes respect, right of choice, dignity of risk, and the importance of community inclusion.

Don’t like dealing with the payroll and supervision aspects of being the employer?

Horizon House provides:

· Criminal Background Checks

· Professional Supervision & Management

· Agency Employment & Tax Law Management

· Prompt Placement & Replacement of Workers

· Temporary Coverage Available for Worker Call-off and Scheduling Conflicts

Level III

· Minimal support and supervision.

· Typical support services include community access, assistance with activities of daily living/independent living skills, or general supervision in community settings.

Level II

· Individual physical disability or they are in need of on-going individual habilitation programming.

Level I

· Individual served requires intensive intervention, support, or habilitation training or specialized transportation, or extensive supervision in the community.